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Protect N Survive
820 N. Brown
Springfield, MO
We do this for the love of it! Most of our instructors are law enforcement officers who believe in the empowerment of the citizens of our community. We are not out to rush you through this course so you can start carrying a gun. We are passionate about what we do and we feel that anyone who is thinking about taking a concealed carry course should take the decision seriously. Therefore, we are dedicated to the process of educating our students about all aspects of concealed carry and self-defense. We will be there before, during, and after you complete one of our courses and we are dedicated to our students leaving with a positive experience about our courses!
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course consists of a 6-7 hour classroom portion and 1-2 hours of range time. The first half of the day is Basic Pistol and Safety items required by the state. Over lunch, we will discuss Situational Awareness issues in a public and retail settings. After lunch, the afternoon is an in depth and interesting session on self-defense decision making, applicable state statutes for self-defense and concealed carry, what a shooting scene looks like, interaction with the police investigation. We will also learn what to do if you have to brandish your hand gun, how to handle panhandlers, what a shooting scene looks like, and the effects of PTSD on you and other family members. There is also a 1-2 hour range portion that will be scheduled at some point within the course time.

***We do accept cash or debit/credit cards.***
• There is a $25 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot for the range and certification. This will be applied to your ccw certification total. If you are unable to attend, you may reschedule your course and use the $25 towards a future course.
• The certification fee is $75 (minus your deposit) and all materials for the classroom portion will be provided.
• The range fee is no more than $10, paid directly to the range on the day of the range qualification.
• If gun rental is needed, we do have them available for an additional $10 per gun (this fee includes ammunition).
ARE YOU LAW ENFORCEMENT? Being in law enforcement ourselves, we feel it’s important to offer discounts to officers & their spouses. Contact us for further information. COST OF OBTAINING YOUR PERMIT AFTER CERTIFICATION: The State of Missouri also requires, upon completing the course, that you have a background check completed through your local Sheriff’s office to receive your official CCW permit. This can cost up to an additional $100. Please contact your local sheriff’s office for information on costs.
WHERE ARE OUR COURSES HELD? It does not matter what county you are in, you may attend any of our classes! Our courses are most often held in Springfield, Mo. However, we are certified in a large number of counties and are able to do courses in other cities and locations for groups of 5 or more. We also offer private CCW classes for groups of 5 or more. If you would like to schedule a course for your group, we can arrange accommodations to fit your needs.
• Cheerful attitude
• A pen
• Snacks/Drinks (If wanted)
• Firearms MUST NOT be brought into class until instructed.

• Payment or Receipt of Payment
• Eye/Ear protection for use during range portion.
• Missouri statues requires a student to shoot both a semi-automatic and a revolver. Rentals will be available for students without guns. You should bring at least 70 rounds for each handgun for a total of 140 rounds. Ammunition must be factory and not reloads.
Phone: 417-597-4294
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