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Northwood Components
Northwood Components LLC
3025 N State Route 89
Prescott, AZ 86301
Description: Northwood Components designs and produces custom upgrade parts for the firearm industry. The Northwood Trigger provides KelTec P-32, P-3AT, PF-9, P-11, and P-40 owners with an alternative for the factory stock polymer trigger. The Northwood has a shallow curve with a wide, saddled front surface to lessen perceived pressure on the trigger pull. It also has a raised upper "pinch guard" to prevent finger pinch during recoil. The design provides more room ahead of the trigger to help allow finger insertion into the guard without moving the trigger. These aftermarket triggers can turn an ordinary KelTec pistol into a sweet shooting little carry gun. The machined aluminum triggers virtually eliminate finger pinch and provide a lighter perceived trigger pull although the actual trigger pull weight and safety of the firearm are not effected. GunLink members receive a 30% combined discount when using the code: "gunlink" at checkout.
Contact: Pops
Phone: 810-599-6891
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