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Rubino Films Outdoors
Valley Stream, NY
Description: Our goal at Rubino Films Outdoors has been and will continue to be producing hunting videos that appeal to hunters in the North East. We are dedicated to making a realistic film that will represent hunting as it truly is in our area. Being hunters ourselves and having many friends that are avid hunters has helped us determine what we believe to be the key aspects in making a realistic video marketed towards the North East hunting community.

As most passionate hunters do, the Rubino Films Team watches a majority of the outdoor shows on the market. Although we think they are entertaining, the problem we find is that hunters in the Mid West have different views of what a trophy whitetail should be compared to hunters in the North East. Most hunting shows would consider an average eight pointer to be a small deer, where a good number of hunters in the North East would consider it to be a buck of a lifetime. Time and time again we have heard hunters in our area say that they like to watch the shows on television, but they just arenít comparable to the type of hunting they are accustomed to. We do however believe that they are realistic for the areas being hunted, but not something that all hunters can relate to. If there was a video on the market which showed hunters taking a big six pointer or a nice eight pointer rather than 180 class deer, we feel that the average hunter would have a stronger connection to the storyline.

We offer forums, blogs, videos, live cams, pictures and, coming soon, an outdoor classifieds section. We also provide outdoor design services for websites, flyers, business cards, logos and more.
Contact: Joe Rubino
Phone: (516) 610-0165
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